Saturday, December 20, 2008


This is Luna, My M has been telling me about her.. She is an English Cocker Spaniel and she is one yrs old. So that makes her my mei mei. Auntie N (Zen's mummy) is fostering her right now. Why would such a sweet girl need fostering? That is cos she is looking for a home to call her own as her ex owner did not want her anymore. If you are reading this and is thinking of adopting her do drop a message here and my M will pass it on.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

I turned 3!

That is Zen and mine cake! One end of it says Paw, the other end says Zen! Thanks Auntie E for baking the cake! and thank you Godma for getting it for us!

Zen & I looking at the Cake!Look at how Zen is licking her lips keke I bet she is thinking hurry up la.
Our Guests includes:

Patches! She is Zen's 'sister' .

Harmony & Baby! They are Alaskan Klee Kai.

Sweetie ~ She is a a real Sweetie just like her name, M and all the uncles and aunties fell in love with her.

This is Jade, She is a Whippet too like Yoyo.

Here is Ninja, his mummy and daddy are our neighbours. I love their place, uncle J and auntie K always got food for us.

Catching up

Hi Dudes and Dudettes, I am catching up on all the past events that happened in my absence k..

First and foremost Yoyo and I attended Yang Yang's barkday pawty, here are some picts to share:

The aunties and uncles that see this pict say i look like a girl! What an insult! I am a MAN ok!

Next up is Yoyo:

He look so cool yeah! So mysterious.. *not fair* *ran off to pin him down again*

Next up is Mine and Zen's Barkday pawty at WCDR

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

M on MC

Humnn my M is on MC today and the silly woman forgot where she put the card reader so there is no way i can upload picts.

Its a slow and rainy day today, Yoyo and my food arrive yesterday, we are on DR B's barf you see, this week's menu is rabbit meat! It tastes delicious, yoyo gobbled his up within mins. while i take some time cos M forgot to pulp the vege more throughly and i dun feel like eating grass. (M: he is being a spoilt brat u see)

M told me one of my admirers is feeling a bit down~ so cheer up dude, u will always be my favourite Uncle yeah (but dun tell M that, she gets jealous soo easiily)

Monday, September 1, 2008

The Beach!

Yay! I think Sunday is my lucky day..M brought me to the beach early morning to have a walk and i met a nice yellow lab name Happy, no picts though cos silly M forget to bring her phone. The evening time i get to go again!! Though tis time is with annoying Yoyo tagging along. M make us walk all the way to Bedok Jetty!! And of cos half way there Yoyo started to lag and end up M carry him for a short while but she kept grambling about so skinny yet so heavy...

See this is handsome me enjoying the sea breeze at the jetty, Yoyo was not cooperative so his picts is not on here. M realize the cam on her SE sucks and is eyeing the phone which this pict is taken on. She kept mumbling on needing to save money for a nice phone with a nice cam. Btw what is money?? M keep mumbling on how much she has money impt? *wonders*

Monday, August 11, 2008

Breakfast + Bad morning

See this? this is our breakfast for the next week... but i having a bit of loose poopoo so M is wondering if its too rich for me though its ok for Yoyo didi, M say i got weak tummy and Yoyo got iron clad tummy :P

Today i got scolding from M cos i rolled in cat poo again :P cannot blame me ma its instinct!! So end up M got to wash my collars + bath me early in the morning...

Yoyo was also a bad boy today, M bring us go down, he don't do his business, instead he dash around like a mad dog (though i think he is already one but M don't believe) then silly M forgot to put the little one into his playpen when she go bathe end up he pooped on the living room. ( See I am better i don't do such things) So today is a bad morning for M, i kinda pity her but nah.

Saturday, August 9, 2008


Hihi my name is Paw and I am nearly 3 years old, big boy huh,let me show you guys a pict to let you see how handsome i am

I have a little bro whoose name is Yoyo, he is 4 months old today and is a rascal here is his pict, ugly hoh.. dunno like what..